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Balle Balle NZStudying in New Zealand is your first step towards a bright career.

  •  World's number 1 country for quality of Education rated by the United Nations.
  • World's second most peaceful country rated by Vision of Humanity.
  • Green and clean environment, Global education facilities.
  • No pollution, No corruption, No Racism.


Helping International students in building a career in New Zealand

We assist our students even after they finish their education. Our career mentors will show you the path to a successful career in New Zealand.

  • We will provide you counselling to choose a career option suitable for your personality and skills.
  • We will provide you comprehensive information to choose appropriate courses.
  • Mentoring for your personal and professional development even after your education is complete.
  • Industry insights from various successful professionals working in New Zealand.
  • Membership to our professional club where you can interact with our partner recruitment agencies.

We believe that the education system should not become an education business. Our aim is to create highly skilled professionals who can contribute to grow New Zealand economy.

Nowadays, many educational institutes teach courses and degrees to students which won't help them in acquiring any readily employable skills. Most overseas students from countries like India, China, Russia and South Korea rely on educational agents of these Institutes to get admission into various degree courses. At Balle Balle International, we believe that most of these agents may have a very good knowledge about various courses being offered by various Institutes yet they often do not have the in-depth knowledge of various New Zealand industries to advise students, what courses would actually yield into a meaningful employment for their career.

Balle Balle International aims to bridge this gap and provide an interface to the actual New Zealand industry to our students while they are still studying. Our slogan is "professional mentoring from education to careers". Our career mentoring services ensure that our students are determined to become a highly desired employee in New Zealand job market.




Our Services

  • Free Career counselling
  • Admissions
  • Career mentoring
  • Interview preparations
  • Job placement in NZ


  • Guidance with financial arrangements
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Travel arrangements
  • Airport pickup
  • Temporary accommodation
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